Continued Post Season Success

Whenever I watch youth soccer - especially in the youngest age groups - it is always difficult to watch those teams that do not focus on player development. We have all seen the team that leaves the same player in goal for the whole game. Or the team that puts their best/strongest/quickest player at forward and then does not let them play anywhere else or anyone else at forward. And even worse, a team leaves their weaker players on the bench for longer periods than other players. All this just so the coach can ensure their team wins.



Changing this culture at Coral Springs United has not been easy nor has it been fully endorsed by all. However, CSUFC continues to achieve positive results competing throughout the state utilizing a player development model. What is even more encouraging is that we are seeing these results in all age groups and in both genders. These past two weeks have been no different as we were able to win the Weston 3v3 tournament at the U09 Girls Age group with an impressive 5-0 record and a tally of 38 goals. We also saw the U10 Girls Age group win the FAU 5v5 and place second at Weston. The U09 Boys fought hard and took giant steps forward in being able to compete and be successful on the field of play.



At the upper age groups, the U15 Girls took home the Champions trophy at FAU. The U14 Boys, U16 Boys, U17 Boys, and the U17 Girls all played this past weekend in the second round of the FYSA State Cup. All four of these teams were impressive in their games as they competed against the State’s top teams. While CSUFC had more wins than losses, we were only able to advance the U14 Boys to the Round of 16. We congratulate all of our teams and wish the U14 Boys continued success in the Round of 16.


With all of the success this year bringing home medals and trophies, I will say the biggest accomplishment is hearing the coaches around the state complimenting our players and coaches for playing the game right and with the proper technical focus. Believe it or not, the biggest, fastest, and strongest player will eventually be overtaken by players that are technical and mentally more developed.


Our players and coaches have earned a well deserved “Thank You” for their outstanding efforts and achievements. Congratulations and let’s keep positive momentum on the CSUFC side of the ball.


Thank you,

CSUFC BOD and Soccer Operations