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NCAA Regulations and Guidelines for Upcoming College Bound Student /Athletes

The NCAA creates a very useful guide named The College Bound Student Athlete. The manual provides a significant amount of helpful information for players planning to play soccer at the college level. All players and parents should study this manual. Please click on the photo to the right to gather all the information you will need.

You may contact the Clearinghouse at:
Customer Service: 877-262-1492
24-hour Voice Response:  877-861-3003



Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse
301 ACT Drive
P.O. Box 4044

Iowa CityIA 52243-4044


The first thing every player should know is that they should try to get the most non-athletic scholarship money as possible. This money can last for the entire four years. Athletic scholarship money is only good for one year at a time and is not availale at any Division 3 colleges or universities. The most important thing is grades, as they will give you the best chance at receiving academic scholarship/grant money.

Below is a list of items each player should accomplish during the recruitment process.

1. Review all NCAA Athletic eligibilty rules.
2. Take the PSAT's and SAT'S.
3. Create a soccer/scholastic resume.
4. Examine NCAA Clearinghouse eligibility rules and study the class and grade reqiurement standards.
5. Learn what Junior and Senior year courses you will need in order to complete the NCAA Clearinghouse requirements.
6. Develop a list of schools you are interested in and study them.
7. Participate in as many college showcase events as opposed to regular tournaments so you can be evaluated and indentified.
8. Stay focused on improving your grades.
9. Send profile and information to coaches of schools you are interested in.
10. Make unofficial and official visits to to colleges you are interested in.

What Do I Need To Do?

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