Parent Sideline Behavior Policy


 Coral Springs Prime F.C. Players and Parents,                                                                                                                                                        


With the start of the SFUYSA regular-season games beginning soon in October, Early season tournaments and State League games beginning to rev up, Coral Springs Prime F.C. would like to make sure that all of our parents and players are aware of an important FYSA league rule regarding sideline spectator behavior that all South Florida travel soccer clubs most follow:

Parent/Spectator Ejections

Any violation of FYSA Rules which creates a suspension to a parent or guardian of a participant shall also result in a one-game suspension to all parents in the team's next FYSA-affiliated match.

Coaches are responsible for reporting this infraction exactly as if reporting a red card.

Here is the breakdown of this FYSA rule:

If during the course of a game, a parent/guardian or any other spectator with a CSPFC team is ejected from or required to leave the sideline by the referee, all parents/guardians and spectators from that team will be prohibited from attending that team's next game. 

In addition to the suspension of all team parents/guardians and spectators for the following game, the parent/guardian who was ejected from the game will face a minimum 30-day suspension from all games - home & away. This includes any FYSA sanctioned regular season and/or tournament games during the 30-day suspension. 

There is no room for interpretation nor discussion.  That is the FYSA rule and it will be enforced.  We need to police our own sidelines before they get out of hand.  Please do so calmly and respectfully (we are not asking for fights to be initiated among our own parents), but sometimes a quiet word and voice of reason from someone known helps diffuse the situation. 

If there is a continuing, persistent issue on any of our teams' sidelines, please contact one of our Coaches, Club Directors or Club President to address it further.


Looking forward to an enjoyable and successful season. Go Prime!


Thank you,