Competitive Program U13-U19 Program

Competitive U13-U19 Program provides training for players ages 13 through 19 years old.  Emphasis is placed on the development of well-rounded soccer players through training sessions targeting all aspects of the players’ technical, tactical, physical and psychological (mental) attributes, both individually and as a member of the larger team collective.  The objective is for our players and teams to employ an attacking style of play based on ball possession, quick passing, player movement, high pressure, and organized defensive posture.  This program runs from August to May.
Competitive U13-U15 teams are expected to have regular team training sessions two to three times per week, depending upon the level of the team, with additional Club training opportunities available weeknights for those seeking more.  These teams play games throughout the August to May period.  In the Fall and Winter, our teams generally participate in local leagues with game locations located within the tri-county area.  At various times throughout the season, these teams will compete in selected tournaments sometimes requiring overnight travel.
Competitive U16-U19 teams are expected to have training sessions at least twice and often three times a week from July/August through October and from February through May with additional Club training opportunities available on "off-nights."  These teams are comprised primarily of high school aged players who are anticipated to be playing soccer for their high schools.  During the high school season, these teams will break from their regular team training schedule allowing players to focus on high school competition.  These teams will compete primarily in local leagues with some teams participating in statewide leagues during the period from August through October.  Tournament play can occur throughout the August to May period. For these teams, tournament play is targeted for participation in specific tournaments (local, State-wide, and out-of-state), identified as providing a sufficient platform from which our players can showcase their talents for college recruitment purposes.  In the event a "showcase" tournament is scheduled during the high school season, we will resume team training for a week or two before that tournament so that we are prepared to show our best at the event.