We Know You Are Ready... CSUFC Tryouts, May 26


Note From John Walsh, CSUFC Director of Coaching

At the end of May, we will begin conducting our 2015/16 open Tryouts for all current Competitive, PDP, and outside players. I appreciate that the Tryouts can be an anxious period for players and families so we are doing our utmost to ensure a fair and transparent process is in place. We look to continue building our fantastic club and will soon be making even greater strides for the development of the players in our care.

I’m sure there have been many different experiences at the Tryouts in the past, but please only follow the guidelines and instructions as described on our website and associated links. As Director of Coaching, I will task our CSUFC Coaching Staff to organize a simple and fair Tryout process to create a positive environment for players to display their talents. We will strive to communicate with all so everyone can be informed quickly and without confusion.

I thank you in advance for your support and good luck to all of our Tryouts participants.

Best Wishes,

John Walsh